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Building built under our construction management team in Cincinnati, OHBunnell Hill Construction’s Land Portfolio is all about your future location. It’s about selection of that site that will differentiate you from your competitors. It’s about having “the place” that offers the signage and access to take your enterprise into the future.
Our land portfolio means that the odds of our accessing the site that anticipates your future and market challenges.  Once we jointly locate the best location, we are seamlessly able to finance your project, build to suit and manage your asset.

We are able to successfully negotiate local and state incentives.

Your budget matters to us and delivery of your facility both on time and on budget is our concern.  Our relationships with subcontractors ensure that we can transparently offer options. We focus upon pricing and time efficiency.

Our mastery of building diversity includes:

Thousands of buildings are constructed using the Concrete Hard Wall system as it offers speed and cost-effectiveness. Our knowledge of the tilt-up/Pre-cast concrete system ensures that our design  team is able to incorporate color, texture and graphic design that provide a unique edge.

Metal building systems are recognized for their design flexibility, sustainable construction and energy efficiency.  Their use has grown for commercial and industrial applications and comprise over half of the low-rise construction built in the United States. Custom designed to meet your specific project requirements; metal buildings provide an important alternative.

“Green” building is a central concern to many of our clients. In this, we lead the way in Ohio. Using sustainable design substantially reduces negative environmental impact, supports cost efficiency and enhances marketability and worker productivity.

Together we will make your vision of a new facility or space a reality.
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