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Choosing a new piece of land to develop for your business is an involved process. As part of the Schueler Group, Bunnell Hill Development takes the effort out of land development. Based in Lebanon, OH, we’re proud to serve clients and customers throughout Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, and expanded areas.

Who We Serve

If you plan to develop or expand your current property or move to another location and build from the ground up, we can find a prime piece of real estate that fits your needs. Our team is happy to serve clients in the commercial and industrial arenas. We can assist with all stages of planning, design, leasing, and construction.

We assign a representative to work with you on all aspects of the project, and this person is available to answer any of your questions. You can invest in one of our 20 business parks, or we can participate as a development partner or fee-developer in a real estate project on your property.

An Experienced Team

Highly skilled and with years of experience, our land developers can handle everything. We’ll develop property into retail centers, offices, industrial buildings, or even mixed-use commercial spaces.

From consistently meeting budgets and schedules to hitting investment targets, we integrate cutting-edge design and value into each project.

Our Services

From handling the beginning of a development project to advising on property management, our team provides a full range of services. We’ll meet with you on-site for a property evaluation and we can assist in acquiring new property. Our team will also help out with other areas of development, such as getting environmental assessments and seeking entitlements and approvals for building projects. Other services include:

  • Master planning and design
  • Construction
  • Financing and leasing
  • Marketing

We know that you will love the services and support provided by our team in and around Cincinnati, OH. Call us today at 513-932-6090 to get help with finding a new property.

Bunnell Hill Development Company provides a full range of services including:

• Site evaluation
• Entitlements and Approvals
• Environmental Assessment
• Land acquisition
• Master Planning & Design
• Construction
• Financing/Leasing
• Marketing
• Property Management

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  • Bill Chester
Executive Vice President. Bunnell Hill Development Co., Inc.
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Bill joined Bunnell Hill with an extensive background in industrial and commercial real estate. He has held executive positions in major businesses such as DCT industrial, OPUS North Corporation, Duke Realty and was the past president of NAIOP (Cincinnati.) read more...




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