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How to find Commercial Land to Develop

hsabh_bio_photos_jeff_eichhornWritten By:  Jeff Eichhorn

Executive Vice President

Henkle Schueler and Associates




Anyone who reads the headlines would believe there is hardly any land left to develop in southwest Ohio/northern Kentucky.

This is disturbing as it dissuades commercial enterprises from shopping in our part of the region.



As Mark Twain once said, Buy land; they’re not making it anymore.

The truth is quite the opposite — southwest Ohio and northern Kentucky are rich with opportunities for any business that wants to locate in this vibrant area.

We are ripe with a highly-qualified workforce, several top universities and colleges attracting talent, a low cost of living and a temperate climate that makes it optimal for any growing business.

Tips for locating commercial land to develop:
Look for a company or brokerage that has large office or industrial parks as part of their portfolio

Companies that stand the test of time know that office and industrial parks have been part of the past and will be part of the future. A portfolio of commercial parks means that you have a choice in location and diversity.

Your future is about locating the best parcels for future growth and development. A good partner will have the knowledge to select these locations and marry them to your future.

Look for a company or brokerage that understands and can deliver on location

Companies that have been in existence multiple decades have likely acquired a choice of acreage. In southwest Ohio, this means doing business with organizations that own thousands of acres of land.

Location is also key to the future of your business. Acreage of land and tenure in the market means that you will have your choice of an optimal site. Your future is tied to the land that you select. Work with a partner who is steeped in this knowledge.

Land seals this deal.

Do business with a company that both owns property and has in-house brokers

Simply put, this means one-stop shopping and having a single point of contact.

Your purchase of land requires an adept and experienced broker. Your broker will best situate you with knowledge, be available 24-7 and understand where the best parcels exist.

If they also are employed by a company that owns land, they also have front-row access to the most developable locations.

Additionally, this includes anticipating your business growth through the selection of the premier site, design of your future-focused facility, project financing, construction that goes the distance, and property management.

Do business with people who hire the best people

The land that your company selects, along with the people you hire, are the two most important decisions to be made. These are the people who understand that your public must find you and develop a connection to your enterprise.

Locate a brokerage and land organization that knows southwest Ohio

This should include vast holdings which extend to both sides of the Ohio River and beyond Warren County. It should be associated with agents who quickly connect with you and your business proposition and work to secure the ideal location. Your relationship with your customers commences when they locate you.

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