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One of Bunnell Hill Construction’s most tenured customers is Tractor Supply Company- each of these projects are approximately 19,000. Over the past 20 years we have worked on hundreds of Tractor Supply facilities throughout the Midwest. Critical to building for Tractor Supply is commitment to meet their “Fixture Monday”, where contractors must be out of the project so Tractor Supply can move in. Bunnell Hill Construction has never missed this critical date. A specific example of success is Manassas, Virginia, which we built mid-winter 2011. Knowing the schedule challenge, our Project Manager had numerous “integration of contractor” meetings to get concurrence on project staging and working together to meet “Fixture  Monday.” Complicating the mid-winter build was the fact that we had to work with 15 different permitting entities. We not only met our “Fixture Monday” commitment but we beat it by a week.

Tractor Supply is the leading retailer for rural lifestyles and operates over 1,600 stores in 49 states. We are proud to have been one of their preferred developers for over 20 years.

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