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President, Bunnell Hill Construction Co., Inc.
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Kevin joined Bunnell Hill in 1992 in a sales role. As such, he is viscerally connected to what ensures customer growth and success. The average annual sales at that time was $3,000,000. Kevin's role advanced to lead the Business Development to where he is today as President. Kevin is responsible for the day to day operations of the construction company. Through his strong leadership and the efforts of many, the average annual sales of the construction company has increased to $25,000,000. Through the years Kevin has gained the ability to work with each individual customer in an effort to develop the plans and specifications to meet every customer's schedule and budget. From start up companies to fortune 500 companies, Kevin's goal with every project is to assure that each client understands where investment dollars are spent. Kevin is a licensed Realtor and also sits on the Board of Directors of the United Way of Warren County.