Purchase Commercial Land in Cincinnati, Dayton and Surrounding Areas

Purchase Commercial Land Located in Cincinnati, Dayton and Surrounding Areas

Schueler Group, founded as a farm brokerage, has been on a rapid growth trajectory since its founding in 1935.

Our early organization was able to acquire some of the region’s most valuable parcels of land. Our knowledge in land and growth ensures that we can combine optimum parcels to your business objectives.

The land that is selected for your business, plus the people you hire – are the two most important decisions to be made.

Henkle Schueler and Bunnell Hill Development market and develop more than 20 business parks that include 3,000 commercial land acres along Interstates between Dayton, Cincinnati, and Northern Kentucky. Our extensive list of financial resources and our team of experts offer clients a variety of options. We are able to locate the best parcel of land for a growing business to expand.

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